You’re not alone if you find it hard to stay motivated during winter. Cold weather seems to sap all motivation to eat well and exercise properly. However, we have some tips and tricks to keep you motivated this winter.

Tune your alarm. Rather than a normal, annoying alarm clock, use your iPod or similar device to play specific songs that get you going. Something that lifts your mood and energy will do wonders for your ability to get out of bed on the first try.

Create heat. Adjust the timer on your heating to warm your home or bedroom before the alarm goes off. Even better, put your workout clothes on the heater or radiator so they are toasty warm and ready for you when you climb out of bed.

Find a friend. Find someone who will commit to joining you in workouts, and hold you accountable for showing up. Knowing someone is waiting for you to share the pain of the early darkness might be just the stimulus you need to throw back the covers and get out of the house.

Put your head under water. The water will wake you up if you’re training in the morning. Getting dressed right away also will help get you past the urge to lay in bed.
Set a Goal. Having a goal or target is one of the easiest ways to get motivated. This could be a holiday, or perhaps a wedding or event. It could be losing a few kilos, reducing body fat, or fitting into a certain outfit.
Dress the part. Invest in warm, but light layers of workout wear that make you feel and look great. New workout gear might be the motivation to get you training.
Know what time works best for you. If you aren’t an early riser and the above tips and tricks haven’t worked for you, switch your training up to afternoons or evenings.