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Welcome to Sunrise Fitness Newcastle. So much more than your average gym.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, or you just want a great workout, Sunrise Fitness is your answer. All of our group fitness training sessions offer a full body workout which is suitable and safe for all fitness and age levels. Every day has a new workout, so you will always be trying new things – you’ll never get bored!

Our mission is to provide locals a Newcastle gym where they feel comfortable to push themselves physically and improve their overall health and wellbeing with a community that supports them throughout their journey.



Group Training

Group Fitness Training in Newcastle, for all ages, levels and fitness goals.


Sunrise Fitness is a fully equipped, fully accessible gym in Newcastle.

What our clients say

A couple of months in and I am hooked. Sunrise Fitness is the nicest, cleanest, most welcoming gym I have ever been a part of.

Courtney McKean

What our clients say

Loving the atmosphere at Sunrise! Friendly and easy-going, safe and welcoming for all ages, but geez they make me work hard lol. Bit addicted!

Phoebe Walsh

What our clients say

Best gym in Newcastle. Cleanest gym in Newcastle! The trainers make it a pleasure to work out and really know their stuff.

Kerry Sloan

What our clients say

I’ve been going to Sunrise now for 6 months, Steve and the team and so supportive and truly care. Even if that means pushing me to achieve the next level on my fitness journey.

Pauline Chapman

What our clients say

Steve and the Sunrise Fitness crew are amazing. The gym is so friendly and so professional. There is a real mixed bag of clients, young, old, thin, not so thin (me), fit and wanting to be fitter but everyone is welcoming and friendly, very non judgey place. I love the way every session is different and the time flys. Absolutely fantastic gym, seriously can’t recommend enough! You won’t regret joining.

Kate King

What our clients say

I’ve never been one of those people who enjoy exercise, I do it because I know I need to. However, since joining Sunrise Fitness this has changed completely.

Kamilah Drake

What our clients say

This is such a great gym! The staff are very professional and supportive. They are able to adapt exercises to your own abilities. Everyone is inclusive and friendly.

Kate Fergusson-Patrick

What our clients say

What an awesome atmosphere and space to train in...each session is different and you leave knowing you have had a decent workout. All the trainers take the time with you to work on your technique and you don’t feel like a just a number.

Peter Riters


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