Creatine benefits-

Creatine promotes energy production within the body; with more energy, the greater ability to perform during intense training leading to increased muscle strength, size and overall capacity in the gym. Creatine will also draw in water from within the muscle cells creating more “muscle fullness”.

Benefits of supplementing with creatine:

Increased lean muscle mass, Increased muscle strength and power, Improved exercise performance, Improve cell hydration, Reduce fatigue during training, Improve recovery, Improve brain function.

How much should I take and what time during the day?

3-5g per day is recommended, bigger people between 7-10 grams. The timing of your creatine intake isn’t crucial, what matters most is taking it consistently every day. Don’t worry too much if you miss a day of creatine simply resume your usual intake the following day.

Benefits of protein:

Protein is the most filling macro, Feeling less hungry can keep you from mindlessly snacking and help you maintain a healthy calorie intake. When combined with resistance training, protein can help build or maintain muscle while burning body fat if in a calorie deficit.

  • people who eat more protein tend to maintain bone mass better as they age
  • Boosts metabolism and increases fat burning, protein has a much higher thermic effect then fats or carbs
  • Helps your body repair after injury. Protein forms the main building blocks of your tissues and organs
  • Helps you stay fit as you age, eating more protein is one of the best ways to reduce age-related muscle deterioration and prevent sarcopenia.
  • Reduces cravings and late-night snacking and helps maintain weight loss.


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