1. There are no off-limit foods

So many diets out there remove foods, often ones you love which can greatly impact the progress one has. As long as you are in a calorie deficit you can eat all of your favourite foods still in moderation!

        2. Long term sustainability

Speed isn’t the only factor in fat-loss. While some data hints that quicker initial weight loss may lead to better long-term results, its crucial not to misinterpret causation. Rapid weight loss often ties to high motivation, but sustaining lifestyle changes is key for lasting success. its about building habits that support long-term maintenance, not just speed.

      3. Understand food composition better

Swap to more filling foods to stay satisfied in flexible dieting. While controlling calories and meeting protein needs is crucial, the choice of foods matters, especially for satiety. If you’re in a gaining phase or have higher calories, this may not be priority. However, for those restricting calories, food choices significantly impact satisfaction.

4. Reduces binging/cheat

When it comes to dieting, a restrictive mindset is a sure way to crash and burn. Eliminating entire foods and food groups takes a psychological toll and can lead to disordered eating habits and binging. Remind yourself that there are no “good” or “bad” foods, some just align with your current goals and values more then others.

Additionally, having a growth mindset- in which obstacles are seen as learning experiences- will help you preserve despite minor slip-ups. one dessert or mixed drink wont derail your diet!

source: “Carbondietcoach”- Instagram