How do we make a change, improve our health and maintain these results long term? What happens when we reach a state of comfort, were we like the way we look and feel? Does this level of comfort breed complacency and, ultimately, regression?

In my experience, most people find it considerably harder to maintain and keep a result rather than achieving the change in the first place. When we start a journey like weight loss it is generally a pain point that triggers the change. Pain is an incredible motivator, far stringer than pleasure. The issue is, the closer we move towards our goal the further away from pain we are. If we do not find ways to replace the pain with an incentive that works just as well, we risk falling back into old habits.

There are 5 key areas that, if addressed, will substantially increase your ability to maintain your health ways even after you have shifted all the weight.


Step 1- Raising your standards.

Your body is a reflection of your physical and health standards. The only way to improve your health is to raise your standards. Your standards are influenced by the 5 people you spend the most time with. Get around where it is better, and your health will improve.


Step 2- change your conversations.

The most important conversations we have are the ones we have with ourselves” We can’t eliminate negative thinking but we can acknowledge our thoughts for what they are just thoughts. Don’t get trapped and allow harmful thoughts to pass and not stick. When faced with a challenge we often give ourselves worse advice than we would give someone else experiencing the same problem. Imagine your problems are really your friends’ problems and if they asked your advice what would you say? This strategy can allow you to create some distance between yourself and your challenge and take a fresh, more positive approach.


Step 3- Embrace Failure

It is in an unfortunate part of progression. Don’t let it give you a reason to stop, instead understand it is a part of the process that without it your progression would be impossible.


Step 4- Set goals

Having clarity on where you are going and why it is very empowering leads to higher success rate. Clarify what it is that you actually want and the purpose behind why you want it. Specify the actions you need to take, and the resources you need to allow you to take those actions. Once you have this, get moving and reassess along the journey.


Step 5- Self acceptance

Self-acceptance is far more important than self-esteem. When we step outside our comfort zone, things don’t always go to plan. Flogging ourselves every time we make a mistake is largely a waste of time. It zaps our energy and does not allow us to learn from the mistake. Let go of negative self-judgment and judging others.